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How often do you take care of your mouth? Our mouth, including the teeth and gum, is the entryway into our body. To prevent gum diseases, it is essential to take care of the mouth teeth and gums properly.

However, brushing and flossing regularly may not be sufficient to achieve a high level of oral hygiene. To ensure that your mouth stays clean and fresh at every point in time, you need to seek help from a professional dentist. Dr. Heath Cash of Peninsula Family Dentistry is the right dental expert to turn to.

Dr. Heath Cash is a qualified, well-experienced dentist in Newport News. With his expertise, Dr. Heath Cash will offer you the very best of dental care services. This will help restore your white teeth and beautiful smile. No matter the severity of your dental issue or discomfort, we have the perfect solution for you at Peninsula Family Dentistry.

How Can Dr. Heath Cash Help?

At Peninsula Family Dentistry, we aim to help you and your loved ones achieve a high level of oral hygiene. At our practice, our dental cleanings and procedures are provided in a calm and tranquil setting. Thus, ensuring that you have a comfortable and enjoyable dental care experience. Some of the ways that Dr. Heath Cash can help with your dental issue include:

Preventative Care

The majority of dental problems usually occur due to negligence. With our expertise, we will take adequate measures to help prevent potential dental issues from happening. Dr. Heath Cash will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis on your teeth and gums. This will make it possible to detect likely teeth and gum issues. Adequate measures can be taken afterward.

Crowns & Bridges

Are your teeth cracked or broken? Dr. Heath Cash can also provide you with crown and bridges to cover the hole in your mouth. The procedure is carried out by our well-trained dental professionals using the state-of-the-art dental equipment. Whether your tooth is weakened or damaged, our Crowns & Bridges dental procedure is perfect to restore the natural appearance of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Some of the things you eat such as coffee, chocolate, and tea can stain or discolor your teeth. Dr. Heath Cash offers well-detailed and professional teeth whitening procedures. This will help get rid of the stains permanently. With this, you will have a whiter, brighter set of teeth, for a brilliant smile.


Other dental care procedures offered at Peninsula Family Dentistry include Tooth-Colored Fillings, Occlusal/Nightguards, Mouth/Sportsguards, and Implants Restoration. Our emergency dental care services will help provide a fast, adequate, and lasting solution to all your dental issues.

Get In Touch With Us Today!

For more information about our dental care services, contact us today at Peninsula Family Dentistry. Our services are affordable and can be tailored to your budget and oral care needs. Dr. Heath Cash will be available to speak with you and discuss your dental care options. We are always ready to offer you and your loved ones excellent dental care services that will surpass your expectations.

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